Tim Hickle
I'm a Marketing Director with a track record of success in Inbound Marketing, Account-Based Marketing, Demand Generation, and Management.
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Digital Marketing Specialist

I began my career at PERQ, a marketing SaaS company. While there, I managed sales support, trade show operations, and digital marketing. Throughout this time, I accomplished the following:

  • Crafted 2014 digital marketing strategy, including SEO, SEM, and content marketing.
  • Developed processes for new, digitally focused service offerings, including social advertising, targeted display ads, and social commerce.
  • Managed the sales, setup, and operation of all "new market" clients.
  • Managed a team of 7 contractors to create content for new market clients.
  • Tripled one client's web traffic with content promotion.
Digital Marketing Strategist

I joined MilesHerndon, a branding agency, to grow as a marketer. I ran all of their digital marketing efforts, both for the agency and their clients. Here are a few key accomplishments:

  • Successfully launched the MilesHerndon email lead nurturing and inbound marketing efforts.
  • Achieved 10x average monthly web traffic, including a 745% increase in organic search traffic.
  • Attained a 5.8% conversion rate on the MilesHerndon website.
  • Achieved an average email open rate of over 40% on all marketing emails while growing our email list 30% month-over-month.
  • Managed digital marketing strategy for a dozen clients, ranging from digital PR and SEO to PPC and email marketing.
Director of Inbound Marketing

My first leadership role came as the Marketing Director for Springbuk, a health intelligence SaaS startup. I was employee number 36, and marketing hire number one, meaning I inherited every marketing and communications challenge associated with scaling a Series-A stage company. 

Some of the accomplishments I’m proudest of throughout my time at Springbuk include:

  • Achieving an average of $9.23 returned for every dollar of marketing spend, and an ACV to CAC ratio of 5.45
  • Coming in 20% under budget and 40% ahead of revenue goals throughout 2018.
  • Running all marketing and communications efforts during our $20M Series-B fundraising round.
  • Architecting and executing on “the most professional communications strategy that I have seen in a software startup,” according to a prominent Indianapolis investor. 
  • Building two Mira-winning pitches, one for Scale-Up of the Year and the other for Company Culture of the Year.
  • Managing all recruitment, management, and personnel decisions as we grew the marketing team to five FTEs. 
Head of Demand Generation

Responsible for both sales and marketing at an early-stage startup, including outbound sales, prospecting, sales messaging and support, prospect list building and targeting, digital marketing and traditional marketing efforts. Key accomplishments include:

  • Taking Woven from $50k ARR to $450k ARR in 18 months
  • Building a scalable and repeatable outbound process that took us from 2 sales meetings scheduled per month to an average of 20, while hiring and managing 3 SDRs
  • Launching the Scaling Software Teams Podcast, which featured conversations with engineering leaders from Drift, Stripe, Zapier, Product Hunt, and AngelList.
  • Working with Woven’s CEO to craft a Go-To-Market strategy that increased revenue by over 3x in less than a year, leading to a $2.5M round of seed funding.
Side Projects
Core Competencies
Inbound Marketing

My Methodology

World-class inbound marketing requires patience and a focus on creating value for an audience before monetizing the audience. The single biggest mistake that an inbound marketer can make is focusing on getting quick wins at the expense of generating something that can deliver results consistently for the next year. Here's how I approach inbound differently:

This Methodology in Action

Account-Based Marketing

My Methodology

I'll be honest. I believe that the vast majority of "Account-Based Marketing" efforts are misnomers. They're marketing and sales alignment efforts, which are important, but stop dramatically short of the value that true Account-Based Marketing can provide. If all you're doing is running targeted ads and sending direct mail to the same list of targeted accounts that sales is prospecting, you're only at step one of a three step process:

This Methodology in Action

Demand Generation

My Methodology

Fundamentally, there are two ways to view demand generation. Some folks are great at click funnels, landing page optimization, and using paid ads to drive engagement. Personally, I don't believe in that methodology. It's fast, but it doesn't generate any demand. At best, it captures demand that already exists and it pays high rents to access it. It is almost never the most cost-effective way to generate long-term user engagement. I view demand generation through a longer lens. Here's my process:

This Methodology in Action


My Methodology

I believe that the single biggest mistake that most organizations are making today is under-investing in management training. My greatest professional passion is management because I think that effective management can make or break my direct reports' careers, and I take that responsibility incredibly seriously. I've crafted my management philosophy over years of management experience, combined with producing a podcast on management where we interviewed leaders at companies like Google, Drift, Stripe, Zapier, and Uber. Here are three core tenants of my management philosophy:

This Methodology in Action

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