Hi there, friend.

Kurt Vonnegut once said of my hometown of Indianapolis, "It was the 500-mile Speedway Race, and then 364 days of miniature golf."

My name is Tim Hickle, and I am those 364 days of miniature golf.

There are a lot of superficial things I care about.

I care about marketing, tech, and business. If you want to read my thoughts on those subjects, you can do so here. I also care about the Indiana Pacers, politics, and writing about my life experiences. If you want to read about that, you can do so here.

There's one meaningful thing I care about more deeply than any of those superficial traits: Making the people around me happy.

See, here's the beauty of miniature golf... You get to keep score and pretend it matters, but it's not about getting the best score. Miniature golf is about playing a silly game where everyone is included.

That's all I'm trying to do here.

If you want to learn more about how I work, check out my README. It's my user manual.

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